Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Prep

I drove up to Grove today to claim my annual fried turkey from David. This arrangement has been happening ever since he ended up with the turkey frying equipment after our divorce. Good thing we're friends, because he fries a mean turkey! This year, Ron M. drove up with me and on the way home we stopped at Afton Station to check on things. It happened that Marley was there too, and let me know that we've had a pretty good number of visitors on the days when I've been absent while he's been there working on cars, etc. This is great news.

Marly also brought us a copy of the Grove newspaper from the week prior to the monument dedication which I'd never seen before . Here's a rather poor photo of the excellent page which is almost entirely devoted to promoting the dedication. It's a whole lot better than the tiny 2" by 3" mislabeled photo on the back page of the Afton newspaper! Harrumph!
The other day on the way home from Afton, Ron M. and I took a little side trip to explore a little-known Route 66 alignment near Vinita. Phil told us that he was told by the owners of the property (just behind the pecan place north of the city) that it was a real alignment at one time. I want to find out more about this. If anyone knows anything about the validity of this alignment, please let me know. (Yoo hoo.... Jim R. or Jerry M., are you there?)
I was cruising around Tulsa on 11th St. (Route 66) the other day and drove into the parking lot of the restored Hotel Campbell. I was amazed by the plainness of the building and its main entrance. The "Ramada Inn" look of the exterior belies the exquisite rooms and overall elegance of the property. I hope that people can see past the outside and pay this exciting restoration an overnight visit!
Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I guess I'm ready. After returning from Grove with the turkey, I put finishing touches on a few other dishes. It will just be four of us this year, so no need to overdo it. A casual Thanksgiving can be relaxing and fun. I give thanks for all of you, and hope your holiday is full of warmth, friends, and family.

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Susan Yates said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Laurel.