Sunday, October 30, 2011

Marly's Birthday!

We celebrated Marly's birthday today during a lull in the action. Here he is with the world's most bland cake (just the way he likes it!), being watched by Ron M. and Marly's lady, Sue. We had threatened Marly with a rhubarb pie, but decided to be kind to him now that he's getting so old. Ha ha. . .

Seventeen visitors stopped in today. Although most came from Oklahoma or neighboring states, these three folks won the long distance award, as they had traveled from Hillsboro, New Mexico. Yes, the two ladies are twins.
This couple warranted a picture here because their last name is Packard. To the best of my knowledge, we've only had one other Packard family visit us. These Packards were from Bartlesville, OK.Our other visitors came from Bentonville AR, Overland Park KS, Bella Vista AR, and Perry, Sperry, Bartlesville, Wyandotte, and Seneca, Oklahoma.

And now for a few random photos from the day. . .

Here is Ron Jones' latest tattoo -- the Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita, OK.

Here's Robin, explaining to us how one of her customers yesterday thought a do-rag was supposed to be worn. Was he Amish, perhaps?

Our new plastic animal friends are two pink flamingos given to us by Bob Swengrosh. One is now in the window and the other is resting comfortably atop one of our display racks. We've gone googie!Finally, Ron M. caught this little guy taking refuge in the shade of our air conditioner compressor. I just hope he's hoppy. (sorry!)

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