Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cranky and Grouchy. . .

. . . are not two of the 7 Dwarfs. They kind of describe me today. Yesterday, while I was sitting in the dialysis chair in Tulsa, 27 people from all over the world visited Afton Station. Robin, Marly, and Phil reported that it was a tremendous day. Today, I arrived at 8:30 and had my first -- and almost last -- visitors by 9 a.m. They were a cute young German couple, and it was worth opening up just for them. Even so. . .

I am anything but a violent person, but today I felt like hurling rocks through the windshields of all the cars that slowed down to take pictures of the Station but didn't come in. I've been told repeatedly that this is a good thing, or at least better than nothing, but I still can't stop wanting people to come in for a visit. After all, we're a "Visitors' " Center, not a "Slow Down and Take a Picture" center. So I guess that's why I'm grumpy.

Betty came by and brought a strawberry cake for Marly. Later, Marly arrived and we both had a piece of the cake. Delicious! Fresh strawberries! Ok, I'm starting to feel better.


I'm home now and happy to report that three people came in just before closing -- a fellow from Chelsea (OK) and a couple from Tulsa. The Tulsa folks were quite versed in Packards, so they appreciated the collection and I enjoyed their visit.

I got to Afton early this morning and took a short trip on an old farm road. I've always liked this barn.

Oh, and we had another pretty sunrise today, too.

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