Sunday, October 2, 2011

Drowning in Sweatshirts

Ron M. and I decided to organize our sweatshirt inventory by size and attempt to put them all out so potential buyers can more easily find the sizes they want. Since we usually have fewer visitors on Sunday morning, it seemed like the best time for this task. Well, making piles of the sweatshirts all over the room was all that it took to bring visitors in abundance. (We will have to try that trick more often!) While wading through the sweatshirts, we managed to visit with folks from Las Vegas NV, Weiser ID, Bedfordshire UK, and Nashville IL.

All of them were fun to talk to, and all were appreciative of what we have here at Afton Station. And sales were really great today, too! These sisters from Las Vegas (left) and Weiser, ID (right) grew up in Afton and went to Afton schools. They didn't stay here as adults, but they remembered how they would watch the hobos jump on and off the freight trains as they rumbled past their trackside home when they were kids. Their dad owned the local plumbing company back when Afton was a much busier place.
This couple from the United Kingdom have embarked on a full Route 66 trip. The gentleman in the background and his wife were here from Nashville, IL and are only driving Route 66 partially on this trip. Ron "Tattoo Man" Jones was there at the time and everyone was fascinated by his 101 Route 66 tattoos. Yes, he keeps getting them, and we are pretty sure he's going to run out of body space soon (or at least any space that he's willing to bare to the public....). Here he is showing off some of the new ones.
By the end of the day, we had reorganized the heaps of sweatshirts. You should really come in and have a look. They're very nice, thick fabric, black with two different patterns. And I have all of them on clearance sale for just $22! Marly came in and finished up the research for signs we plan to put in the auto showroom to impart a little information about each car. (I'm getting tired of being asked questions about horsepower and number of cylinders -- both questions I usually can't answer.) Betty W. came in to spend a little time with us, too! Toward the end of the day we also had visitors from Grove and Afton. Good weekend!

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