Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pontiacs and Packards

Oh, how I wish I had about 4 more hours in each day! I never feel like I have time to do everything I want. I already have a list of nine things that I must get done tomorrow afternoon, after dialysis, just to catch up. In December, I plan to take a few days off from Afton Station and really catch up.

Meanwhile, it was good day at the Station today, with an average number of visitors (10) but some interesting ones. These fellows, from Phoenix, AZ and Gibsonburg, OH rolled in in their 1937 Pontiac, taking it across the country for the second time in three years. Beautiful car, but. . .
. . . they had a really creepy passenger in the back seat!

This gentleman from Pleasant Ridge, MI impressed us with his Route 66 knowledge after several trips. He's a graphic designer who has created some works with a Route 66 theme. (http://www.gkstudiodesigns.com/) He had just visited with "McJerry" McClanahan at his studio and had bought a copy of the book just published this week by McJerry, Jim Ross, and Shellee Graham. Coincidentally, I received my copy yesterday as well. The book is BEAUTIFUL! Afton Station got a very nice write-up, too. I'll talk more about the book later in the week. I do have copies available for sale at the Station. Think Christmas presents!

One of the Packards that has been in David's garage at home for so long that I'd forgotten we had it came back to roost in the new showroom today. It's this beauty of a 1937 Super 8. It's massive in size and completely original. David intends to keep it original unrestored. I concur.

Ron M. accompanied me to the Station today. Tattoo Man came in to show us an article about his tattoos in his hometown newspaper, and Betty stopped by briefly, too.


DynoDave said...

Traveling Route 66 in a '37 Pontiac. Man, I'd love to talk to those guys for some traveling tips. I would like to drive the route in a car not half as old, and have a ton of questions about the best ways to do it.

Laurel said...


You can read their blog at:


Having traveled across Route 66 in a vintage car myself, I can recommend it highly!

DynoDave said...

Excellent Laurel! Thanks for the link. I've begun reading through their posts already. I did not know you had made the trip in a classic car as well. While these guys are traveling in a '34 Pontiac, I'll be doing so in a vehicle not half as old, if I'm able to. My concerns are as much about vehicle security at night as they are about anything else. I'll be sure to talk to you before heading out on any such trip.