Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lots of Special Guests

This was a day of special, anticipated guests. In fact, we only had two drop-ins, a couple of guys from Brisbane, Australia who were traveling a portion of Route 66.

Our friend and frequent visitor Bob Swengrosh from Lake of the Ozarks, MO drove down to Afton with one of the Route 66 icons I've been wanting to meet in person for a long, long time -- Gary Turner of the well-known Gay Parita Station in Paris Springs, MO. Although I've spoken to Gary several times in the past and was even in the same room with him once, this was our first face-to-face meeting. Gary constantly sends travelers to my Station and I do the same for his. Gary is known as one of the premier Route 66 ambassadors, and his stories are known all over the world. Here are Gary (left) and Bob.
Besides Gary, Bob also brought me another present -- this whimsical pair of pink flamingos! They will soon find a place at Afton Station. Sticking their heads out of one of the cars, perhaps?
My computer friend Susan Yates, another person I've communicated with quite a bit without having met face-to-face even though she lives not far from me in Tulsa, came for a visit this afternoon and brought along Debbie and Matt Churchill from Gloucester, England. This is the second time Debbie and Matt have visited Susan and made Route 66 trips with her, but the last time Afton Station wasn't open. We remedied that today with a nice long visit. What charming folks! Susan brought me gifts, too -- some lovely coasters she made herself out of Route 66 fabric and a jar of yummy Halloween trail mix (which Ron M. and I partially polished off in the car on the way home from Afton!). Thank you! Here are Debbie (left) and Susan after examining the Packard motorbus.

And here is Matt, getting up close and personal with the '58 Packard Hawk.
Ron M. was with me today and very helpful, as usual. Betty, Tattoo Man, and Marly also stopped by for a while, and it seemed like a very full day despite the low number of visitors.

Oh yes, another gift! On Tuesday, Candy Fuser from Afton, dropped in with a piece of memorabilia -- this auto brush advertising the long gone Painter Phillips 66 Station which is now empty and decaying. I do hope that station can be revived and restored some day! Meanwhile, I'm so grateful to have this momento.


Ken Riches said...

Love the wisk broom.

Tbirdonroute66 said...

Happy Halloween to you Laurel.
Also, belated congratulations on your 100K hit. Thanks for sharing your daily happenings at the Station.
Glad to see photo of Gary Turner. He is a great guy. We met him in 2009 and he is truly one of the best ambasaddors of Route 66.
Keep up the good work. Here is to many more 100K and years of fun on Mother Road.
T-bird & Mustang in St. Louis

Tbirdonroute66 said...

Oops, it should be "ambassadors" :)