Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beer and Potpourri

I keep forgetting to mention this. Not everyone who comes to Afton Station comes to look around the museum or buy a guidebook. Some come in for other reasons, usually misinformed as to what kind of a place we are. We frequently help lost people seeking directions. Sometimes indigent folks come in asking if they can bum a cigarette or, if they're lucky enough to find a butt in a gutter somewhere, they ask for a light. Occasionally people will pull up to the pumps and come in to ask us to fill 'er up. (Most are kidding, but a surprising number aren't!). We are also often mistaken for a flea market, a used car dealership, or a restaurant. We were also once mistaken for City Hall!

But the strangest request we've ever had occurred a few days ago, when a shabbily dressed gentleman stuck his head in the door and said, "Do you sell beer and potpourri?" Now there's a combination!

Anyway, back to the events of today. I must say, there weren't many. It was a slow day with a mere 10 visitors. They came from Vermillion SD, Noel MO, Oregon IL, Grove OK, and Tulsa OK. The visitor from Tulsa was Don Wagner, author of "Route 66: The Oklahoma Experience" which I sell at the shop. It was nice to visit with Don and his wife again.

We unpacked the new ball caps that Kathy Anderson brought to us yesterday. They're nice. Here's a blurred photo (oops!) of Ron M. modeling one. We have them in both baseball and golf style.

Ron had a sudden transformation moments after he put the hat on his head. If you buy one, I'm pretty sure it won't happen to you.

Here's an unretouched photo of this morning's sky.


Mike said...

Is that going to be Ron M's Halloween costume?

Laurel said...

No, Mike. That's Ron without his usual costume. Ha ha ha ha!