Sunday, August 21, 2011

Big Day, No Time

Very busy day, not much time. Our day included visits from 33 visitors. They were from Orlando FL, seven Japanese men on motorcycles, Kansas City MO, Freehold NJ, Justin TX, Melbourne Australia, and Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Inola, Edmond, Choctaw, Strang, and Cleora, OK.
Here's my daughter Sarah having a little dance with Tripper the Route 66 Penguin!

Here are some of our Japanese motorcycle group.

Ron "Tattoo Man" Jones stopped by to have a photo session with Kelly Ludwig from Kansas City, some of which took place out on the street.

The Japanese tour group got their kicks from taking photos of Tattoo Man, too!

The gentleman holding the Route 66 sign is celebrating his 66th birthday on the Mother Road! His friends came along to celebrate with him.
Mike Hollowell from Tulsa came to proudly show off his '51 GMC truck, which he plans to keep "as-is" rather than restoring it. I agree completely! The innards, however, are in great working order. I LOVE this truck!

Wonderful day!


Since I can't seem to shrink Ron's slide show of the Waldmire mural, just go to: to see the whole thing.


Ron McCoy said...

The embedded sizing of the mural video is off so portions of each photo are cut off. You can go here to see it correctly:

Greg Brown said...

This is like a "Make-a-wish" blog! I can't believe you actually got the picture of Sarah dancing with the penguin! Thanks!

Laurel said...

But of course, Greg! Your wish is my command!

Laurel said...

Ron, I'm working on fitting your slide show into my narrow column. So far no luck, but I'm still trying!

Keubanks said...

Is the penguin still there?