Saturday, August 27, 2011


First of all, to all my East Coast friends: If you're reading this, you apparently have power, thus you must be ok. Hang in there. Better yet, hang on to something for dear life. Don't let the wind and water get 'ya. Here in Oklahoma, we're sitting this one out for a change. But you can be sure we're thinking about you.

The morning at Afton Station was a bit slow, so Ron M. took it upon himself to scrub the bathroom floor. I don't know what I'd do with that guy! Thanks, Ron!

Yesterday (when I wasn't in Afton) Pastor Ted, the man who is coordinating the work assignments for Clean Up Day, brought in this beautiful creation. It's a sign-up sheet for those who plan to attend the event. We need everyone who plans to work that day to sign up in advance so we know how much food to buy. The board also includes photos of some of the most "needy" places in town, those which really need our muscle power. Two problems, however. Pastor Ted is quite ill and in and out of the hospital on an almost daily basis. I do hope he rallies and can continue his good work. Secondly. . . we need more signatures! So far, there are only those of us who work at the Station. I'm hoping the town folks will begin to come in and put their names on the line. We have room for 138 volunteers!

We had 22 visitors today, and most of them were somewhat local. The World's Largest Calf Fry Festival is being held in Vinita today, so many of our guests came from there. As I have mentioned before, calf fries are. . . well. . . the testicles of baby cows. Their removal turns a bull into a steer, but they also make for fine eating! Some people I know won't even consider partaking of them (ahem. . . Ron M.), but I find them very tasty, and so do the people who came to Afton Station today, all of whom stood in long lines to get a plate of the delicacies and enjoyed them thoroughly.

Our 22 visitors came from Ft. Worth TX, Drexel MO, Osawatamie KS, Huntsville AL, and Grove, Talala, Quapaw, Leonard, Bernice, Miami, Tulsa, and Watts, OK. This couple from Huntsville, Alabama won the Distance Award today. They're going the whole Route on this trip. I absolutely love his t-shirt, which he bought at Eisler Brothers in Riverton, KS. I think it's the nicest Route 66 t-shirt I've ever seen.

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Trevor Hilton said...

That is one part of a bull I absitively, posolutely REFUSE to eat!