Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Typical" Day

If there's any such thing as a "typical" day at Afton Station, I guess this could be one of them. Not too busy, not too quiet. Lots of nice people. Lots of interesting stories. Twenty-two of them in all, 7 from overseas and 15 from right here in the USA. Some visits from friends, too. Ron M. was there, and both Phil and Marly dropped in for a while as well. Ted Wynn, who is the mover and shaker behind the upcoming Sept. 3rd "Afton Clean Up Day" stopped in to talk about plans for the big day. He's doing a ton of work toward the goal, and I'm sure hoping that many Aftonites come out for the day!

Several kids from town dropped in, too. These three little boys spent a good bit of the afternoon with us. Earlier, four other kids came in, used the penny pincher machine, and hung out for a while. School starts next week, so kids are using their last few free hours visiting us. I'm honored!
Guests were from Rome Italy, Graz Austria, Joplin MO, Richland MO, Pittsburgh KS, Sapulpa OK, Mansfield TX, Yukon OK, and Ocala FL.

Here are the young folks from Rome, Italy enjoying the DeSoto.
This gentlemen, shown here with his wife, is the president of the Tulsa Chapter of the Vintage Automobile Club of America. They came to make preliminary plans for the club's visit in October.
And so went the day. It was the kind of day, like so many, that make me remember how very happy I am to be fulfilling my lifelong dream of working with and helping travelers on Route 66. A "typical" day at Afton Station is nothing short of wonderful.

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