Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sarah and Other Delights

Every day is a good day when my daughter Sarah is visiting from Chicago. That's happening now. She came for a few days and I'm sharing her with her father. Today she spent the day at Afton Station with me, and it was a lot of fun, as usual. It wasn't a very busy day, but it was a good one.

We had visits from Tattoo Man (back from Tucumcari where he got his 99th tattoo), Dean "Crazy Legs" Walker, Phil, and Robin. Ron M. drove up to Afton with us this morning and was his usual helpful self. Phil and Robin restocked the drink fridge, a stubborn job involving a lot of heavy lifting, which I hate. I found out yesterday that Marly has managed to procure a donation of lots of hot dogs and bottled water for Clean Up Day from the little convenience store in town. I have the greatest people around me at Afton Station. I feel so blessed!

Our visitors today came from Owensboro KY, Choctaw OK, Baxter Springs KS, Miami OK, Christchurch New Zealand, and Florence Italy.

Here are a couple of photos of my dear Sarah at the Station today. Of course she had to try on the wooden shoes. Did I mention that she's a little nutty?Here, she's calmly reading a magazine, pretending she's not nutty, I guess. There's Tattoo Man in the background.

Here's a better photo of the Waldmire mural. Ron M. is putting together a slide show of each individual quadrant of the masterpiece, so when that's done you'll be able to see it close-up.

Ron M. also made this bio of Bob to be displayed with the mural.

I'll be back tomorrow with further Route 66 adventures.


Greg Brown said...

I was hoping there'd be a picture of Sarah dancing with the penguin!

Laurel said...

I can make that happen, Greg. She'll be back there on Tuesday.

Mike said...

I wonder where Sarah got her nuttiness. Surely it couldn't be from her mother...

Laurel said...

Greg - See Sunday's blog post. She was there long enough today for one dance with Tripper.

Mike - Uhh, I can't imagine. Surely it's from her father. I'm such a staid, serious person. Or not.