Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cooling Off

Not the weather. Me. I think I need a little break from rushing through blog posts in the little time I have between getting home from Afton and going to bed. So, for one day only (I hope), I'm going to post a short, probably boring recap of my day. After all, you're probably tired of hearing me run on and on anyway. Right?

To show the possible origin of the mellowness I feel this evening, here's a picture of this morning's sunrise. How could anyone view something that lovely and not go through the day feeling laid back and just happy to be alive?

I held down the Afton Station fort myself today, but it wasn't a strain because most of the morning was slow, with things getting busier as the day went on. Altogether, I met 18 folks -- from Washington MO, Oreville CA, Branson MO, San Francisco CA, Vinita OK, Oakland CA, and Grove OK, and Verona Italy.

Pastor Wynn from the local Baptist church, whom I'm helping to organizing the upcoming Sept. 3 Afton Route 66 Clean Up Day, came in to collect a check that was dropped off with me. We now have more than $500 with which to purchase supplies (paint, tools, garbage bags, etc.) and food for the volunteers that day. Pastor Wynn is a real mover and shaker. Yesterday, he arranged (not all that easily) to have a burned out house on the edge of town razed. There was a certain amount of red tape involved in getting the permission to destroy it, but he got it done! Since it was one of the first things one saw when entering Afton on Route 66 from the west, this is a great first effort to beautify the town. This remaining pile of rubble will be removed and buried tomorrow.

Love those puffy little Oklahoma clouds in the photo, too.

Well ok, maybe I rambled on more than I'd indicated, but I'm done now. See you tomorrow or Thursday.

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