Sunday, August 31, 2008


One of the joys of owning a Route 66 business is having people arrive as strangers and leave a little while later as friends.  Roadies make friends with other roadies very quickly.   However, an even greater joy is seeing familiar faces at the door, folks you already know so you don't have to get to know them.   Today I was blessed with visits from some of my very favorite people, and since they were all here at the same time, it came close to my ideal scenario of sitting around the pot-bellied stove and chewing the fat all day with buddies.  Ok, I don't have a pot-bellied stove, but even without one, sitting around chatting with dear friends is just about the greatest pleasure one can have.   Today I was that lucky!

Brad and LaSandra, friends from Tulsa, arrived early and stayed until closing.  I love Brad and LaSandra for many reasons, not the least of which is the care and concern they gave to me last year when I spent so much time in the hospital.  They're great Route 66 fans who do a lot of good for the road.  Oh, and they're fun, too!

Shortly after they arrived, Frank and Trudy from the Chelsea Motor Inn appeared at the door.  I was overjoyed, since they so rarely get any time off from the motel to kick back, relax, and do something for themselves.   They, too, are huge Route 66 supporters and although they're relatively new friends in my life, I know that time will bring us closer together.  They're just great, and they were able to stay for a couple of hours!

Finally, Betty arrived.  I don't have to say much about her, since I've already sung her praises here a number of times.  It's always a pleasure to see her walk in the door. 

And to add richness to this assembled group, we  had almost 30 walk-in visitors, and as usual they were a varied and interesting group.  The smashed penny machine was particular popular today, and I'm almost sold out of EZ66 Guides.   I hope my reorder arrives tomorrow!

Brad went across the street and got cold cuts from Bassetts, so we had a lovely, albeit highly informal, lunch.  There was just NOTHING wrong with this day other than the nearly total departure of my voice.  But losing a voice pales in comparison to the friendship that filled the day. 

Here are my friends:

Trudy, Frank, Betty, Penny Pincher Machine, LaSandra, Brad


Anonymous said...

Laurel, sounds like a fabulous day! I'm already thinking about how much fun it will be to cruise through Afton and stop and see you in a couple of years...and make a new friend! :)


Anonymous said...

hey Laurel .. Kathryn here
finally able to read and comment

sounds like a lovely time .... we can't wait to get back and visit - and this time will make sure we get to see more than the OUTSIDE of afton station !!!