Saturday, August 9, 2008

Too late, too tired

Moments after I got home from my long ride back to Tulsa after a day at Afton, I had to meet and greet some new friends who are visiting Tulsa and we ended up going out for dinner.  So, although it was a GREAT day at Afton Station and I have a lot to tell (and a few pictures to post), I still have to get up early to drive back to Afton tomorrow, so I'm going to save my stories for tomorrow night.  Had 25 visitors today, and just about all of them were interesting. 

It's morning now, but I have a few minutes before leaving for Afton, so here's a picture. 


This is the view from where I sit at my desk each day. (The "desk" is an old formica kitchen table from the '50s.) It's so nice to watch the cars and trucks go by on Route 66, just feet from where I sit.




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