Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Nut House

I didn't go to the Station today, but I did make a short pilgrimage to Catoosa to visit the Nut House, a relatively new Route 66 business which I pass each time I drive to and from Afton.  I knew the business hadn't been there very long, and I feared for it's prosperity because highway construction barriers make it necessary to go almost two miles out of the way if approaching from the east (which, as we all know, is the way from which the majority of Route 66 cruisers approach). Although getting there from the west is not a problem, I figured the eastern approach just had to be crippling for a tourist-oriented business trying to take hold.  I was right.   The daughter of the owners, who was working this morning, told me that they have indeed felt the impact of the construction barriers, but since the Dept. of Transportation tells them that the work should be finished in about 6 weeks, which is the start of their busy season, they're feeling a bit optimistic.   I hope ODOT meant it. 

The reason autumn is the busy season for the Nut House is because they sell locally-grown nuts!  Nuts are harvested in the fall.  But there's a great deal more to the Nut House than just nuts.  Darryl and Hazel Ward, the new owners, have chosen to put a special emphasis on Route 66, and along with nuts, homemade fudge, jams and jellies, hand-packed teas, and some fresh produce, they now have some beautiful and unusual Route 66 t-shirts and a number of other Route 66 souvenirs.   It's a very pleasant place, and I definitely recommend a stop there either before or after coming to Afton Station...

It's open Mon - Sat, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.   Website is  Check it out!


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Anonymous said...

I've got a nut house you could visit...and it isn't even mine!!!  Sounds like a great little niche though, hope it's productive!  N.