Thursday, August 21, 2008

1000 Hits!

I'm celebrating 1000  hits on this blog.  I know, it's not such a big deal, but I haven't been around that long and I've never done a blog before.   On second thought, I'm sure about half of them are from me.  :-)

My Nikon camera died and the fix would cost more than a new camera, so today I bought a little Canon A560, cheaper than the Nikon but good enough for what I do with it.  They also threw in an $80 HP Printer/Fax/Scanner/Copier, which has $80 worth of rebates.   So, as soon as I gather the intestinal fortitude to start filling out all the rebate junk and then wait for half of the rest of my life, I'll have a free printer.  This is great, because my Kodak printer also died a few weeks ago.   I wonder if I'll receive the rebates before the new HP dies. 

At any rate, I now have a camera with which to take a neat picture in Afton which I had all lined up when the Nikon died.  Stay tuned and I'll try to post it this weekend, if I can figure out how to install the new printer/scanner.   Ah, technology....

You vs technology

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Anonymous said...

Love the blog, Ma! You'll love the Canon. We've both got the older model, the A550 and it's a great little camera. It was my first go around with a digital and it's pretty good for the novice. The only thing is that I wish the zoom was a little better, but I do like the separate viewfinder. Looking forward to seeing your results!