Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kinda Tired...

I left extremely early this morning so I could do some rambling. Since for a couple of months I haven't had the time to "do" the 9-foot alignment, which is only one mile from the Station,  I decided to hit the narrow alignment this morning.  I was pleased that nothing has changed much, although I do think the town pours a little too much gravel on some areas.  I'm sure that drivers of rare vintage vehicles or low-slung Corvettes appreciate the filling of potholes and washboard segments, but I personally prefer the old broken-up pavement where I can slow down, veer when necessary, and at all times keep a clear picture in my mind's eye of what it must have been like in the "old days" when there were not only a lot of bumps, but also a lot of traffic, much of it oncoming.  Unless folks are clearly headed for a local car show with a newly spit-polished vehicle, I'm beginning to lose my patience with those who complain that the 9-foot highway is too stressful for their cars.

This is a very old picture of the 9-foot highway.

Although my first visitors were here at 9:15 a.m.(I officially open at 10, but was there early) and the visitors kept coming all day, I did find time to close out my July books.  We had 482 visitors in July, which isn't so bad for what's basically a 20-hour-a-week operation.  David Wickline once again gets my "Vendor of the Month" prize, since his small pins, magnets, and Images I and II books were top sellers.   Kathy Anderson comes in a very close second with her wonderful rare 1934 logo pins and key tags.  As many already know, my pledge is to sell only items created by folks who are true friends of Route 66 (and friends of me, too).  I'll never make a fortune selling the few items I stock (still in the red, probably forever), but I know it's all quality stuff and all my suppliers have a genuine interest in Route 66.

Betty brought me some lunch -- a container of her special Kraut Salad.  Oh my gosh, it's DELICIOUS!   If anyone wants the recipe, email me at

I think I had 23visitors today, but I forgot the exact number and I'm at home now.  I know I had a family from Germany, three Hispanic horse traders from Laredo, TX,  Kansas City grandparents with three young grandsons,a couple with a 5-month-old baby (I think my youngest visitor yet), and some absolutely delightful 60-something guys on Harleys that stayed for a long time and we had a great conversation.  Fun day!

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