Saturday, September 12, 2015

We Cleaned Up!

Clean Up Day at the Monument was a great success!   About a dozen hard-working folks from the Oklahoma Route 66 Association (plus me, feeling utterly useless in my wheelchair) managed to turn the area around the Sidewalk Highway monument into something of which to be proud.

The most important challenge was unearthing the long-buried curb along the 9-foot roadbed.  This is what makes the highway unique and interesting.   A lot of hard physical work went into removing years of sod, mud, and overgrowth from the curb.
Doug, Rick, and Patty digging
Blaine weed whacking.

The protective posts around the monument were repainted.
Marilyn and LaSandra painting the posts.

Four lovely juniper bushes were planted around the monument.
 Marly and Rick dig the holes.
Looking good!

A shield was painted on the pavement in front of the monument.
Brad painting the shield.

A directional sign was put up near the road to guide travelers to both the monument and the 9-foot highway itself.
Everyone had a job to do.
Here I am, "supervising".  Gee, it made me feel sad that I couldn't  be more helpful.  Even Tattoo Man came and lent a hand.  Ron M. was official photographer.  Rann held down the fort at the Station until noon, when Ron M. volunteered to take over for him.  So, thanks to those two, Afton Station was open all day.
Our very first visitors at the newly refurbished monument site were these two Route 66 travelers from Indiana.  They made us all feel good by being appreciative of our work.  They were headed home after making the full Mother Road trek to Santa Monica.  

Meanwhile, back at Afton Station, the guys greeted 20 visitors who came from Minneapolis MN, Waynestown IN, Osawatomie KS, Parma OH, Westport ME, Owensboro KY, Denver CO, Fife Scotland, and Prescott AZ.  

I feel very contented after a day like to day.  Much was accomplished, including a nice barbecue lunch with all the workers at the great little Nowhere On Route 66 Barbecue down the road.   There will be more photos here and there, I'm sure, since there was lots of clicking all day. But that's all from me for now.

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