Saturday, September 19, 2015

Eggplant, Rhubarb, and a Watermelon

On the way to Afton Station this morning, Ron M., Joe Meeks, and I stopped in Chelsea at a little farmers' market and I bought some eggplant.
Later, at the Station, Betty came in with one of her amazing, delicious rhubarb pies.
And then, even later, two guys came in from Arcadia, Kansas.  One was a farmer who said he had no money to put in our donation box but he wanted to give me a small watermelon.  I said YES!  I've been craving watermelon all summer. Yum!
There.  I have just explained the title of this post.  Now, on to the day's activities. . .

We had 29 visitors who came from Clinton IL, Broken Arrow OK, Dayton OH, Paris France, Arcadia KS, Milford CT, Joplin MO, Tampa FL, W. Bloomfield MI, Napoleon OH, Nixa MO, Amsterdam Netherlands, Astorias Spain, and Ashland, KY.   A very fine day!

We celebrated Betty's and Tattoo Man's birthdays, despite the fact that Tattoo never showed up.  We ate Betty's wonderful pie and, speaking for myself, I overate.  I just couldn't stop.  It was that good.
We enjoyed meeting this lady from Clinton, Illinois and her pups, Idgie and Gizmo.   Very sweet and well behaved pups indeed!
This gentleman from Joplin, Missouri is pedaling to Texas.  Quite an undertaking.  He was very enthusiastic about the ride and we wished  him well.  It was cooler today so he was pleased.  That 90+ weather broke after a little rain came through and we are all happy about that.
Our foreign visitors came from Amsterdam, Holland and. . .
. . . Paris, France, and. . .
. . . Astorias, Spain.
Some of our closer to home visitors came from W. Bloomfield, Michigan (posing with my watermelon) and. .
. . . Dayton, Ohio.

What a great day of great variety!  If only they could all be like this.   Route 66 continues to attract the nicest and most interesting folks.  We will be at the Station to greet more of you tomorrow!

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