Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ride for the Relay #10

For ten years, a very energetic and committed gentleman named Rodger Fox has organized and led a motorcycle trek across Route 66 with the goal of directing interest and funding to various cancer research projects.  The rides have been so successful, with people from all over the country joining it, that Rodger is getting tired, and I sure don't blame him!  For this reason, he has declared 2015 his last such endeavor.   So many folks enjoyed their trips with Rodger that this one became his largest, and this year 130 people signed up for it!  Many are repeat riders.   As they did every other year, one of their stops was Afton Station today.   And WOW!   That's about all I can say... WOW!   The 130 Relay members plus 16 others made this another jam packed day for us. . .  and we loved it!  ridefortherelay.org
Here is Rodger and his dear wife Susan, who is joining the run for the first time.
Enlarge this photo so you can see all the motorcycles lined up there.   Looks like "Little Sturgis"!
Our own parking lot was full, too.
And I can't deny that I do love to see folks lined up to buy souvenirs, tshirts, books, etc.  That happened today.

Besides Rodger's gang, we had 16 other visitors.  They came from Calhoun GA, Tucumcari NM, Velonia AR, Goodman MO, Orlando FL, Ipswitch England, Madrid Spain, and NovaFeltria Italy.
This happy couple is from Spain.  Their only complaint about their Route 66 vacation is the lack of "true" Spanish food.
We had another honeymoon couple today, this one from Italy and riding tandem on a rented motorcycle.   Lovely folks married just about a week.  They enjoyed signing the wall, too.
Our autograph wall now holds proof of their honeymoon visit to Afton Station.

Need I say that this was another outstanding day?  

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