Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Walls

The walls are popular and the walls are getting full very fast. Recently we've made room for another wall approximately 10 ft. by 20 ft. and it's almost full as well.  It's a virtual room of autographs.  We love and so much appreciate all the signatures on our walls.  But what can we do when we run out of walls?  I won't paint over the thousands of signatures. They're too precious to me.  It's a dilemma. Anybody have any ideas?

It was a big day at Afton Station today, with 33 visitors coming through the door.   They came from Kyoto Japan, Sapporo Japan, Grand Rapids MI,  Rotterdam Netherlands, Calgary Alberta Canada, Derby England, Switzerland Lebanon MO, La Rochelle France, and Sapulpa, Nowata, Grove, and Bartlesville, OK
Seemingly unfazed by the intense heat, this young man from Kyoto, Japan is bicycling from L.A. to Chicago. He came in for a while, took in our air conditioned air, and left with one of our bottles of cold water.
Shortly after the biking gentleman departed, we were visited by two more Japanese fellows, this time from
Sapporo.  They intend to reach the end of Route 66 at the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica, but they are traveling by car.
 The very personable and fun group from the Ozark Rollers, part of the Volvo Owners group, arrived guessed it.... Volvos!.   It was easy to see that they were having a good time and we enjoyed  hosting them for a little while.
This couple from Rotterdam, Netherlands (actually the smaller town named Hellevoetsluis, or something like that) came in with good knowledge of Route 66 and Afton Station already.   It seems he reads my blog!   I'm very honored.  It's a strange feeling to know that my silly writing is regularly read all the way across the pond.  Thank you for making my day!

We also had visits from "regulars", Tattoo Man, Michael Scruggs, Scott, and Rann.   I hope the 2nd day of the holiday weekend is as good as the first!


MissDazey said...

I saw a blog post once about wall signing. Don't remember much about it, except the business used old fashioned window shades. If I remember correctly they had cabinet with dozen shades. When one shade was full of signature, up it went, again came down.

Chris said...

Hey that's a good idea from Miss Dazey. My idea was to buy cheap wall panels or some kind of very cheap wood and paint it white and loosely attach it somewhere for people to sign. Perhaps when you got too many of those you could take them down and store them or give them to other route 66 fan clubs around the world or perhaps sell them to visitors.