Thursday, September 17, 2015

Napping at the Museum

Although we had some very nice guests this morning at Afton Station, the afternoon was a real snoozer.  In fact, I did take a short nap sitting right there at my desk -- how embarrassing!  At least no Route 66 travelers caught me in the act.  Ron M. was with me today, so he could have let me know if I was snoring too loud.  LOL

But meanwhile, back at morning. . .We had eleven visitors, and they came from Brussels Belgium, Arvada CO, Austin TX, Windsor MO, Ham Lake MN, Bloomington IL and Enid, OK.

This beautiful white 66 Mustang belongs to this couple from Ham Lake, Minnesota.  I think it's just about the perfect Route 66 cruiser, and they are certainly enjoying it.
 It is always nice to see sisters traveling together.  These sisters are from Austin, Texas (left) and Arvada , Colorado, but have come together to explore Route 66.
Our only foreign visitor today was this handsome chap from Brussels, Belgium.  Having spent several years in the U.S. previously, his English was practically impeccable, so we had a nice chat.
So, despite a day which could be described as "slow", there were enough super visitors to make it anything but boring.

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