Thursday, September 24, 2015

Let's Make This Quick

I got home late and tired.  And I took very few photos today, so this seems like a good time to relax and just write a quick blog.  It was a fine day, with 26 visitors who came from Honolulu HI, Livonia MI, Lancaster KY, Afton OK, Ft. Wayne IN, Goodyear AZ, LaMars IA, Wichita KS, Mission Viejo CA, Linstrom MN, Oslo Norway, Springfield MO, and Sapulpa OK.
These folks from Arizona are taking their time and enjoying every bit of their Route 66 venture.
Two guys from Minnesota were drawn here by hearing about our own Tattoo Man's special '56 Chevy, and Tattoo came to greet them.  Please note the pink Route 66 caps in the foreground.  The guys assured me that they're not  for them but instead for the women in their lives.

And speaking of caps, we have a beautiful array of interesting Route 66 caps, some not available anywhere else.  We also received a huge shipment of t-shirts yesterday, so if you need a certain design or size, chances are you can find it here now. Betty Wheatley stopped in and we put her to work sorting and folding the new shirts.  Thank you, Betty!  Come and get 'em!

Rann Lee has been minding the store on the days that Ron M. and I can't be at the Station.  He's been doing a great job,  handling big crowds by himself some days.   Thank  you,  Rann.   Robin is on her way home from California, so I feel sure she'll be back on the job soon.

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