Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dog Day Afternoon

Afton Station, Afton Oklahoma.   A hot humid day on Route 66.  Definitely a dog day, in more ways than one.  Today, for the first time, we hosted two completely unrelated dogs who visited at the same time.   For one thing, it proves that the sign on our door welcoming dogs is being read.  On a hot day like this, we ask folks not to leave their pups in the car.  They deserve some air conditioning, too.

Angus came with his parents, from Nicholson, Pennsylvania.
From Wyandot, Oklahoma came the doxie, Penny.
The reason that the photos do not show the dogs together  (and neither one at very close range) is that there was a little bit of interdog growling taking place, which indicated that the two ought to be kept apart to avoid a canine rumble.

Our human visitors numbered 21.  Besides the folks from Wyandot, OK and Nicholson, PA mentioned above, there were travelers from Warrensburg MO, Columbia MD,  Waynesville MO, Watertown MN, Brest France, Reggio Amelia Italy, and Tulsa and Grove, OK.
These two guys were trying to make it to Santa Rosa, New Mexico by this evening.  If they spend as much time at other stops as they did with us, they'll get there maybe by sunrise tomorrow morning!   They were on hot Harleys, however, so a little pedal to the metal and they just might get a few hours of sleep tonight.
 More good-looking men, this time from Reggio Amelia, Italy.   The fellow on the left spoke for the group and had very good English.  They're heading west and enjoying the sights and sounds.

Betty visited for a while today, and Robin, just back from a three day trip to Kansas City, also came by.  Videographer PJ and his wife stopped to say hello.  Another fine day on Route 66.


~JP~ said...

We made it to Santa Rosa before sun-up AND we managed to get some shut eye!!

~Jason and Matt on the Hot Harleys

Anonymous said...

Love the post about the dog-days and dog visitors! It's unseasonably cool in Kentucky!

~ Remona Edenfield

Anonymous said...

Even if my reply is in late, thank you very much for the post about the guys from Reggio Emilia, we have been really happy to have visited Afton and showed it to ours friends, in Italy!! Ciao Laurel :) greeting from Omar, Cristian and Paolo