Thursday, August 7, 2014

Although sometimes it feels like it. . .

. . . all the Route 66 fun doesn't happen at Afton Station.   Last evening, for example, Ron M. and I had a delightful evening out with Rick Zimmer, a Route 66 friend who was passing through Tulsa on a trip from his home in Portland, OR to Chicago, then all the way to the Festival in Kingman AZ via the Mother Road.  He was staying at the beautiful Campbell Hotel on 11th St., we ate at the restaurant there, then took him on a brief car tour of Tulsa.  Fun!
Today, the fun continued at Afton Station, with 26 visitors .  They came from Madrid Spain, Paris France, Manchester England, Bedford TX, Burlington NC, Muncie IN, Salina KS, Hudson WI, and Drumright, OK.

Here's the three generation family from Paris, France. Check out the little guy, who has completely embraced the spirit of the American west.   We don't usually condone the wearing of sidearms in the  Station, but we made an exception for this tiny gun-totin' French cowboy!
This gentleman from Madrid, Spain was traveling alone and taking copious photos.  Many of those photos were of the cars in our museum.  He showed us his copy of a Route 66 guidebook written in Spanish, and Afton and the Station took up an entire page!
Two attractive English ladies from Manchester were our last guests of the day, and what a way to end the day.  Friendly and having fun, they really lit up the room.
Here's a family from Burlington, NC.  It's nice to see so many families with younger kids traveling Route 66  this year.  May the trend continue!
And the first shall be last.  This couple from Bedford, TX dropped in early this morning  on their way up to Detroit to visit a number of automotive museums, their favorite kind of vacation.   Needless today,  they enjoyed a good, long time in our showrooms.

As happens so often around here, the day began with thunderstorms and ended with beautiful sunshire, heat and humidity.  But hey, this is Oklahoma.... and we'll take it any way we can get it.   See  you this weekend!


Susan Yates said...

The photo of Rick was taken in the Campbell Hotel's Route 66 room, I take it. Where did you take him on the Tulsa tour?

Laurel said...

Susan, yes Rick had the Route 66 room and he loved it. We had limited time for the auto tour, so we only went to Brady Arts, downtown, the bridge and the East Meets West sculpture, Cain's, Maple Ridge (my house) and a couple of other sites. We didn't make it to the west side and the park there, but he passed it on his way out of town yesterday anyway. He got the five-cent tour rather than the ten-cent tour, but he's been in Tulsa before and will be back again repeatedly, so he was very satisfied.