Saturday, August 30, 2014

Friends, New and Old

A near perfect traveling day on a long weekend seemed custom made for anticipation of a nice crowd at Afton Station, and that's exactly what we had today.  A slow morning led to an extremely busy afternoon, full of newcomers, repeat visitors, friends, and a lovely pup named Duke.
 Here's Duke with his friend from Munster, Indiana.  The lady of the house was elsewhere when the photo was taken, probably buying some souvenirs of their Route 66 trip.
The pretty lady in this photo, seen here with her son, was my selection for the Enthusiasm Award today.   She was clearly having a wonderful time as she shrieked her way through the showrooms with an ooh and aah for each car and other item she saw.  I just love to see that kind of enthusiasm for Route 66.  I'm betting this won't be their last trip on the Mother Road.  She is from Garland, Texas and her son from Tulsa, OK.
John and Madeline Schulz are fellow members of our Route 66 Yahoo group and are veteran Route 66 travelers.  They're from Eudora, Kansas and they stopped in today to say hello.  We were so pleased to greet them.
Akio Takeuchi and his wife are longtime Route 66 fans who travel to America from Japan every year to visit and photograph sites along the way.  Akio has just published his third book about Route 66.  All of them are filled with extraordinary photographs.  His knowledge of the Road is amazing considering his limited command of the English language.  They are lovely people and we are always so happy to see them at the door.

Our other visitors, 34 in all, came from Springfield MO, Kansas City MO, Noel MO, Mulvane KS, Nashville TN, Mt. Juliet TN, Brevard NC, Halstead KS, Riverton KS, Enid OK, Tulsa OK, and Fairland OK.

Ron "Tattoo Man" Jones and Dean "Crazy Legs" Walker also dropped in for a while.  Ron M. was with me as usual.

I hope you are all having a festive Labor Day weekend.   If you are within range and feel like taking a little ride tomorrow, won't you please stop in to Afton Station and say hello?

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Unknown said...

Dear Laurel, I was so glad we were able to stop by the station last summer and visit you. Thank you for the mention in your post. I bought a CD by the Road Crew called Hymns of Faith. It is one my favorites. Hope to see you soon when we hit the road.