Sunday, August 24, 2014

An Amazing Lady

Among our 18 visitors on this stinking hot day on Route 66 in Afton, Oklahoma was one of the most amazing women I've met since I've been hosting folks at Afton Station.  She pulled up on a motorcycle loaded down with packs and saddle bags, and once she shed her road leathers and helmet (complete with "helmet cam") she came in and introduced herself as Anna from the Ukraine.  A beautiful young woman, she explained that she is taking a full year and touring the entire world on her bike by herself.  When she finishes in the U.S. she will be heading for Brazil and the rest of S. America, then Africa.  She spoke near-perfect English and under her leathers she was dressed in her native costume, since today is Independence Day in the Ukraine.  For now, she is traveling Route 66, interviewing folks, and sending them back to friends at home who are putting them into a full length production.  I felt honored that she wanted to interview me.I wish her well on her amazing odyssey.  Please check out her beautiful website at

We also had a visit from Miley the Dog, who came in with her friends, sisters from Syracuse, NY. When asked, they assured me that she wasn't named after Miley Cyrus.  She was fascinated with the penny crushing machine, however.
A couple from Madison, Wisconsin were our first visitors of the morning and enjoyed the cars very much.

Other visitors came from Antioch CA, Eudora KS, Springfield IL, Nashville TN, Jones AR, and Quebec, Canada.  The four guys from Quebec came via motorcycle.  The two ladies from Antioch CA and Eudora KS were returning from a quilting conference and decided to do a bit of Route 66.   Jess McIntire, the musician and Route 66 advocate, stopped in for a visit, too.  

I left 20 minutes early to take Sarah and John to the airport so they could fly home.  It was such a wonderful visit and I wish they could have stayed much longer.  On the other hand, I finally pick up Ron M. at the airport tomorrow and it will be great to have him back home.


66 Productions said...

I'm glad Anna is doing well in her travels east. I had the pleasure of seeing her on her way as she left LA to begin the 66 portion of her trip.

Laurel said...

Yes, Scott, she is a very impressive woman. She stayed quite a while and I enjoyed making her acquaintance.