Sunday, November 24, 2013

Five Moons

I'm at home today after dialysis because it isn't worth driving up to Afton for such a short day.  I put a note on the door of the Station and I hope to be forgiven by anyone who arrived to find the lights out and the door locked.  Today is a pretty ugly day for traveling anyway.  There's been no precipitation here, but the temperature is in the 20s and it's windy and gloomy.  Stay home, and come to Afton again next week when we'll be open and, I hope, thriving!

Although it's a little bit off Route 66, I feel the need to call your attention to one of the most beautiful bronze sculptures I've seen in a long time.  It's on the grounds of the Tulsa Historical Society and it's called "Five Moons".  The Five Moons are five Native American ballerinas from Oklahoma who achieved international prominence during the 20th century. They are Yvonne ChouteauRosella HightowerMoscelyne Larkin, and sisters Maria Tallchief and Marjorie Tallchief.  They are portrayed, individually, in a variety of graceful poses.  It is such an honor to have five world renowned ballerinas from our state! 

The sculpture was installed in 2007, and sometimes I don't think that enough publicity was given to the tremendous work of art, a tribute to Native Americans who have achieved in the Arts.  I daresay that few Route 66 travelers have gone the extra mile off Route 66 to view it, but it is well worth the trip.   It is on S. Peoria Avenue south of 21st St.  

Since the installation consists of five separate statues, it's a bit hard to photograph, but you can get the idea from these.  So, make a note of this for the next time your Route 66 trip brings you through Tulsa.


Susan Yates said...

Glad you mentioned the Five Moons. They are exquisite pieces of art as are the gorgeous houses that provide their backdrop, the houses that hold the Tulsa Historical Society and the Tulsa Garden Center next door. It wouldn't be much off Route 66 for anyone traveling through Tulsa and certainly worth the few minutes.

Michelle Place said...

Laurel, Thank you for your lovely comments about the FIVE MOONS that are the showcase of the Vintage Gardens at the Tulsa Historical Society. There are also a number of artifacts that are artfully displayed throughout the Garden. I hope that the viewers will also take some time to travel up the cobblestone drive between the two mansions and visit the Tulsa Historical Society & Museum. We have eight annually rotating galleries that tell the fabulous stories of Tulsa, the citizens and events. We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 to 4 (closed on Holidays) - Michelle Place, THS Executive Director

Laurel said...

Thank you, Michelle for expandng on my Five Moons description. Since people probably don't read the comments very often, I hope you won't mind if I use your comment as the basis for another post. That way it will reach more people. Travelers really should know more about the wonderful Historical Society!