Wednesday, November 27, 2013

918 Coffee -- A Plug

I'm back again.  Same day, new post.  But I can't pass up the chance to plug a new venture on Route 66 (11th St.) in Tulsa, and this morning I visited a spot that deserves to be praised.   It's called 918 Coffee, and it's been open for about a month although this is the first morning I've had free to pay a visit.   Housed in an old mechanic's garage called George Tunes, a complete transformation has turned the greasy old building into a sleek spot for sittin' and sippin'.
It's quite large for a coffee house, but it's size doesn't mean it's not cozy, warm, and quiet, which is what many people like in the morning when they just want to sit and be left alone.  I felt like I'd joined the youthful generation as I sat there poking at my new iPhone5, since all the other patrons were deeply mesmerized by their electronic devices, too.

The coffee I chose, a mocha with skim, was delightful, just right in every way, the cranberry muffin was above average, and the nice lady behind the counter was very accommodating and cheerful.  There are both tables and nooks with upholstered furniture, the lighting is restful, and even the parking and access was easy.  This is strictly a local endeavor, so of course I recommend you give it a try before you give up and head for  Starbucks.  I think you'll be as happy as I was!

918 Coffee, 2446 E. 11th St., Tulsa.  Open from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m.


Highway Hasman said...

Very cool. What do you recommend there?

Laurel said...

Gregory -- Since I've only been there once, I don't know what I can recommend, but the cafe mocha was good and so was the cranberry muffin. Therefore, I presume everything is high quality, too.

Ken Riches said...

Very Cool!