Sunday, March 25, 2012

Openings, Closings, Reopenings, etc...

Today wasn't quite the blockbuster that yesterday was at Afton Station, but it certainly was a good day.  Route 66 seems to be buzzing now, and we're enjoying every minute of it.  Before I talk about today's visitors, a few pieces of business. . . 

FYI, the Top Hat Dairy Bar in Foyil is closed and for sale.  Sorry to see this little place with great shakes and burgers go.   When I get more information, I'll post it here.  It might be a good investment for someone since it's quite popular with the larger motorcycle tour groups.  
However, the building next door which  has been vacant for quite some time has now reopened as the Tin Foyil (love the clever name!).  They've put a tin "skin" on it so it's definitely a photo op, but so far I haven't had any reports on the type or quality of food there.   I'll try to stop in soon to give it a taste.
Meanwhile, apparently a new restaurant/bar will be opening in Afton in May.  Yes, in Afton!   The local paper says it will be a barbecue and beer place and will be called "No Where on Route 66"  (yes, nowhere should be one word).  I've heard from locals that they're having trouble getting a beer license since they're across from the Little League field, but we shall see.  We sure need a place to get food in Afton!

Now, about today at Afton Station.. . .We had 16 visitors well-spaced throughout the day. Ron M. was with me.  The travelers came from North Quincy MA, Helsinki Finland, Joplin MO, and Foyil, Grove, Miami, Vinita, Alva, and Big Cabin, OK.

This is Christian, a young German man who has lived for quite a few years in Massachusettes where he works with the BNSF railroad.  He is a big fan of Mercedes Benz and has spent a great deal of time on Route 66 photographing his own Mercedes in front of familiar icons all the way out to California.  He is extremely knowledgeable about Route 66 and, after seeing his photos via his iPad, I have to say he's one of the best Route 66 photographers I've seen anywhere!  Some of his photos can be seen at, but it's a German language site and I'm having trouble figuring out where they are.
 The new owner of the Park Hills Motel in Vinita came in to introduce himself.  He tells us his motel is now equipped with WiFi, and fridges in the rooms.   There is also a place to park RVs there with hookups, and his rate for a room for two is just under $50.  Again, I can't recommend this lodging based on personal knowledge, but it might be worth giving it a try when you need a place to stay near Vinita.   It's always a good thing to consider the mom 'n pop places rather than the chains if at all possible.

Another fine day, with more to come.  It's just beginning!

ADDENDUM:   The real estate listing for the Top Hat Dairy Bar is at  It's not terribly informative, but it has a few facts and figures, for those who are interested.


Susan Yates said...

Limited German from high achool and college (or as we say auf Deutsch, Gymnasium and Universitat) but I gave it a go. Is this Christian's car in the photos about half way down the page? If so, we can find his postings and pictures on this forum.

Susan Yates said...

The link I just posted was for photos taken in April, 2011. Here's the link to pictures of Oklahoma City and on west taken in January, 2011.

Laurel said...

Yes, Susan, you've found the correct photos (or at least some of them) in the 2nd link you posted. I haven't had time this morning to go through all of them, but those photos taken in OKC in early 2011 are the first he took, and there have been quite a few since. As you have undoubtedly observed, it takes quite a while for the photos to load, so I'll have to go back later and see how far they progress under that URL. Thanks!

Susan Yates said...

Sorry the photos are slowing things down for you. They're just there when I open the site. Maybe I've been taking Cox high speed for granted! I agree, these are excellent pictures and Christian (Quincy on the forum) certainly seems dedicated to documenting every important landmark. I hope to see the photos he took at Afton Station posted soon. His newest posting is Jan. 31, 2012 so bet you're up next.
I'm not getting much of the text, but did manage to puzzle through his explanation of Burma Shave signs and what "pushing up daisies" meant! Too funny!