Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Model T Comes to Call

We had 14 visitors at Afton Station today, and a fifteenth visitor, this nifty Model T.  It was pulled to Afton by three guys from Winchendon and N. Andover, Massachusettes who acquired it at a big pre-war car swap meet in Chickasha, Oklahoma this weekend.   The car is really nice and so were the guys.  They have a long trip home with this beauty.  If you're interested in Model Ts, check out, which is their website.
There were a good number of other visitors today, too.  They came from Sevierville TN, Tulsa OK, Charleston SC, Fayetteville AR, and Afton.   The people who run the auction house that moved in next to Afton Station last summer came over and introduced themselves.  We never see them otherwise, since we are heading home before their Tuesday evening weekly auctions begin.   A young lady from Afton stopped in to show her friend the Station.  She's 15 years old now, but I haven't seen her since she was 13.  My, how she's grown up!

After he saw mine, Tattoo Man hired Robin to make a stained glass window piece which would include his name and his nickname.   She finished it and gave it to him today.   Nice work, Robin!
I'm listening to the news and it sounds like there are going to be BIG rain here for the next few days.  That will undoubtedly affect visitors traveling in the area.  There are also tornado watches in west Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle.  Lets hope it doesn't happen.

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