Saturday, March 3, 2012


Cute kids. . . cute bunny. . .  cute sign.   That pretty much wraps up our day at Afton Station.  These cute kids came to visit with their mom and grandmother and, as is not uncommon, they took an immediate interest in the pressed penny machine.   They're from Broken Arrow, OK and are home schooled by a mom who thinks it's important to give them a good basis in Oklahoma history with emphasis on Route 66.  Today, they visited the Totem Poles, the Coleman Theater, and us.  We're all for that!
This cute bunny (who has been hanging around the Station for several months) stopped hopping long enough for Ron M. to take a quick photo.  He seems to live between the front showroom and the back showroom.

Ok, "cute" might not exactly be the most descriptive word for the small billboard Marly has almost finished painting and which will soon hang on a fence across from where Route 66 travelers exit the Miami section of the 9-Foot Highway. "Beautiful" might work better.  I thank Marly so much for all the work put in to make the sign, and I can't wait until it's in place and guiding people to the best museum in Afton!
 There were 12 guests altogether at the Station today, from Tulsa OK, Bella Vista AR, Hudson WI, Broken Arrow OK, and Wagoner OK.  Also, Ron Warnick and Emily Priddy dropped in for a while, Tattoo Man sat in for a good part of the day, and Robin and Phil arrived early and had the place warmed up and opened up by the time Ron M. and I got there.

I took the photo below on the way home.  The clouds inspired me to think of the famous 1947 Andreas Feininger photo, so I snapped this and converted it to black and white.  When I got home I made the comparison, and it was then that I realized that Andreas Feininger I ain't!
                  L. Kane
                A. Feininger


Jen said...

Thank you so much for the pennies and the stories! We enjoyed it!

Louise said...

I enjoyed my day with Jen and the kids on her Route 66 tour. Loved those Packards and especially the motor home. Louise