Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stormy Day

Today began with an unique sunrise, then a drive to Afton in one of the most spectacular lightning shows I've ever seen. I was listening to the news on the radio and they were remarking on the abundance of lightning as I was driving through it, so I know I wasn't dreaming. There was also a good bit of rain, but it ended about half way to Afton.

The rest of the day, until the very end anyway, wasn't as exciting. There were only 10 visitors, mostly local. They came from Leander TX, Stockton MO, Shawnee KS, Dallas TX, and Wyandotte and Grove, OK. It seemed that a lot of men were trying to sell their cars to me today. Since we're not buying at the moment, I had to decline.

Tattoo Man (with yet another fresh tattoo), Betty (with a scrumptuous rhubarb pie), Marly, and Phil were also present for much of the day. Marly and Phil cleaned up water that the brand new air conditioner in the new showroom had poured onto the floor with abundance. A call was made to the installers, and they will be fixing it tomorrow.
My Afton Station Family -- Tattoo, Betty, and Marly and Phil in the background.

Meanwhile, around 2 p.m. we got two calls from folks who warned us that BIG storms were on the way, and they were potentially tornadic. Since Afton is just up the road from Joplin, everyone around here is super-aware of those sorts of warnings these days. So, I decided to close up and try heading for Tulsa. With Betty's help, I closed up and was on the road by 2:30, a half hour earlier than usual. As it turned out, all I encountered on the road were a couple of small downpours and lots and lots of wind. Now that I'm home, the sun is out and all is well.

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