Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Real Ramblings. . .

I just arrived at Afton Station and went through the opening up process. I decided to forego the a/c for a while because last night's storms blew some beautiful cool weather our way. Let's see how long that lasts. It feels good to air things out.

I'm clearly experiencing post-vacation letdown. What do I miss the most? Well, my daughter of course, from my first vacation to Richmond. From the Amarillo Festival, I miss (0f all things) the lobby of the Ambassador Hotel. Sitting there chatting with old friends was the highlight. I wouldn't mind a couple more days at Palo Duro Canyon, either. However, I'm here now and I can't complain about switching from being the visitor to being the "visitee". If I only thought I could make my Afton Station visitors feel as welcome as I felt in Richmond, VA and Amarillo, TX, I'd know I've chosen the right path in life.

Speaking of visitors, where are they? Thus far, only the air conditioner repair man has been here. Since I didn't turn it on this morning, I didn't realize it was broken. Marly must have called him yesterday.

It still hurts a bit when people drive by and take pictures but don't come in, even though I'm often reminded by others that that it's good advertising just to have photos of the Station on various blogs and websites. I realize I can't meet every traveler, but I hope the word gets out that Route 66 is every bit as much the people as it is the sightings.

Traffic picked up around noon, and by day's end I'd visited with 15 people. They came from McAllen TX, Helrenueln Netherlands, Brevard NC, Seattle WA, Justin TX, and Tulsa and Disney, OK.

This truly enjoyable couple is from Brevard, NC and they're embarking on a full Route 66 vacation. I was glad that they weren't in so much of a hurry that they were able to stay and chat for a while. I think their faces reflect the happiness they're feeling by being on the Mother Road.
The young man from the Netherlands was traveling solo, but it was not his first Route 66 trip. The couple from Seattle, WA were heading for Springfield, MO to attend the National Studebaker Convention. Since Packards and Studes have a familial relationship, they were also very interested in our Packard collection.

Larry Davidson, whom I'd seen just last weekend in Amarillo, came for a visit today, too, in his gorgeous '50s Ford Station Wagon (I wish I could remember the exact year.) It's silver, and very long, and beautiful. He was heading for a car show in Indianapolis.

The young lady from McAllen, TX was with her aunt who lives locally. She's spending her 16th birthday today with her aunt and uncle and wanted her photo taken in each of our cars. Sounds like a creative and cute way to celebrate a Sweet Sixteen.

Allow me to gush a bit about Joe Sonderman's latest book, "Get Your Pics on Route 66: Postcards from America's Mother Road". Because I'm a Route 66 postcard collector, it simply blows me away. But I can't find anything wrong with this big, colorful, display -- 160 pages of repros of old, very old, and even some newer images of Route 66 motels, cafes, attractions, etc. You don't have to be a postcard collector or a Route 66 nut like me to appreciate this volume. I guess the best thing I can say about Joe's book is that it's exactly what I once started to put together myself, but I was too lazy to finish and Joe beat me to it. Please buy it. You'll love it, too. Get your pics on Route 66 : Anniversary Books

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Trevor Hilton said...

Those "drive-bys" are only hurting themselves.
The couple takeing the full vacation get to see your cars, enjoy a nice conversation, learn about Darry Starbirds car museum that's just a short distance away, and will have stories to go with their pictures.
I'm glad you had fun. But, I'm glad to be reading your thoughts again.