Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Interstate Vacation

I arrived home about an hour ago. I'm still a bit dizzy from driving. . . and driving. . . and driving. Now that I'm home, I'll unveil my whereabouts for the past 9 days. I drove to Bloomington, IN to meet up with daughter Sarah, who drove down from Chicago, and then we traveled together to Richmond, VA to attend the wedding of a lifelong family friend.
My pretty daughter Sarah

Because of scheduling considerations -- my dialysis appointments in different cities, Sarah's need to get home in time for work today, etc. -- we found it necessary to use the Interstate system for the majority of the trip. I resisted this like the plague, of course, but a few lessons emerged from the monotony of the drive, and I'm now willing to concede to the fact that it's a mighty handy little road when you 'gotta get there and you 'gotta get there fast.
The Mystery Hole, Ansted WV.

We did take a lovely, mountainous non-interstate (Route 60, the Midland Trail) across West Virginia and Virginia one day and stayed in charming and mega-historic Lexington, VA overnight at a Hampton Inn in which there was a log cabin just a few feet from the door to our room! This was like no other Hampton Inn you'll ever see. We also visited Washington and Lee University in Lexington, a college that, way back when, Sarah had hoped to attend until the admissions officer told her she just might be a bit too liberal for the likes of them. LOL!

Taken from the door to my room at the Hampton Inn, Lexington, VA!

The famous Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, WV

The West Virginia Capitol in Charleston - from the Interstate

The only Route 66 town I veered off the Interstate to see was Cuba, MO. It was just a quick drive-thru, but I can never resist a visit to one of my favorites!
One of Cuba's great murals

After living in Oklahoma for 10 years, it was good to see mountains again, and the Blue Ridge are some of the prettiest. Richmond, VA is a nice city and Sarah and I had most of one full day to explore it. The remainder of our time there was taken up with wedding activities, which of course was the reason for the trip. We took very few photos other than those which I'll post here. It's good to be home, and on Saturday I'll be back at Afton Station.
The reason for the trip -- Dana and Shakir Turton, Newlyweds.


Trevor Hilton said...

Welcome home. Glad you enjoyed your trip. At Greenbriar, did you get to visit that secret bunker the Government built under it?

Your daughter's too liberal? Obviously, you didn't raise her "right". I won't make that mistake with Hunter or Heather.

Laurel said...


No, we didn't have time for a tour, just a drive around the grounds, unfortunately.

You're going to find out soon enough that kids grow up with their own ideas about things. Fortunately, Sarah's ideas were the same as mine! LOL

Ken Riches said...

Glad you had a good trip. The couple looks happy:o)