Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just an update. . .

The snowstorm is finally over. The sun is out. Tulsa, OK racked up over 14 inches of snow, breaking all records for a continuous snowfall here. I have stayed warm and dry (and hungry), and have made many calls to folks to see about getting shoveled out. The problem is that the snowplow people can't get out of their own driveways! Many main roads are closed. I have drifts of at least 4-5 ft. in my driveway, so I'll have to skip dialysis tomorrow morning. I do have a nice person telling me that he can probably come late tomorrow to do the plowing.

Oh, we also may break records for cold temperatures! This is quite the bummer! I'm watching my young, fit neighbor try to get up the steps to his house. He's struggling. Ah Spring, where art thou?


Ken Riches said...

Hope you get plowed soon :o)

Beth said...

Wow! Yeah, the winds here are pretty crazy, so I anticipate some major drifts. Stay safe, Laurel.

JimConkle said...

Now would be a great time for a pizza man to own a snowmobile. Makes you want to own a 4x4 again.
Stay warm and dry.
Come on SPRING.
I will be seeing you a few times in April,

Laurel said...

Bucko: Plowed is exactly what I'd like to be right about now! :-)
You guys stay safe, too!