Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eighty-two Degrees Fahrenheit!

That deserves to be spelled out! And if you don't believe it, here's the temperature reading on my car thermometer on the way home from our jaunt to Chandler, OK today. February 17? Really?

Other than it being a stunningly gorgeous day, the trip wasn't as exciting as I'd anticipated. We really didn't get to see anything new and different on Route 66, I guess because we spent quite a bit of time at the Interpretive Center having a nice visit with Marilyn Emde, the Executive Director of the OK Route 66 Association, and exploring the building. The exhibit I made for them was very well received, and as soon as it's hung I'll post a photo here.

We made a couple of quick stops. One was at the Shoe Tree near Stroud - the NEW Shoe Tree, that is. As you will remember, the old Shoe Tree fell over last fall. People almost immediately started to add shoes to a newer, bigger, stronger tree right behind the original. We were happy to see that the new tree is quickly filling up with footwear. I wish I'd brought some of mine to add to the fun!
Ron M. and I decided that the current trend in sprucing up old motels is a yellow and green color scheme. Here's the Lincoln Motel in Chandler, still open as a motel, and recently repainted in that color scheme, with some red tossed in.

Down the road in Stroud, this former tourist court fell victim to another recent repaint.
Finally, we took a quick drive down the road to Seaba Station in Warwick, to check out the new motorcycle museum that now occupies the old D-X Station that once housed an antique shop. It was then that I participated in an activity that drives me absolutely nuts when it happens to me at Afton Station -- we did a drive-by shooting! Yep, instead of going in, I shot this photo of the building while on the run. I still feel guilty, but we were actually pressed for time so that's our feeble excuse. I haven't been in the building since it changed owners, but one of these days I'll drive over there and correct that.
We also did drive-throughs of Depew and Davenport, and I was home by 3 p.m.


Trevor Hilton said...

You'll like the new Seaba Station. The owner of Performance Cycle in Bethany owns it and displays his collection of motorcycles there. I bought my 'cycle from Performance Cycle. This summer Landrunner and I plan to ride up there together some time.

Ken Riches said...

The buds will be breaking out soon :o)

Beth said...

::sigh:: I'm envious. More snow for us tonight. Today was the first time this winter that I really experienced a winter funk, and it was a real bummer. I'm ready for some warmth and sunshine!