Friday, February 25, 2011

Uh oh! Another restaurant review!

I'm just back from my birthday lunch with Ron M. We went to El Rancho Grande, the cool Tex-Mex place on Route 66 near downtown Tulsa, the one with the awesome neon sign. We've both been there before, but always with big groups. Today, we had a very late lunch, there were very few people there, and the delightful owner John Walden spent some time at our table chatting.

The food was awesome! I had the special steak, and it was huge! Half of it came home with me. It came with beans and rice, and the steak was covered with grilled veggies. Their chips and salsa are the best in Tulsa, in my opinion. Ron had a combo plate, and I know it contained, among other things, some tamales he said were great. All in all, a very pleasant experience. I'd definitely recommend this place to Route 66 travelers in Tulsa. Support our Route 66 businesses! It's at 1629 11th St. (Route 66). Try it!!

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Ken Riches said...

Looks awesome, those beans look great. Glad you had two great B-day meals.