Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today's post will be quick, but tomorrow I promise a longer and more interesting one. I have some stuff I've saved up, but I don't have time for it this afternoon.

After a well-attended day at Afton Station yesterday, today was SLOW! We only had three guests all day. In the morning, this utterly charming and attractive duo stopped by on their way to Wisconsin. Cathy and Erin are from New Braunfels, TX and Waterford WI. I admit with embarrassment (especially since I know they'll be reading this) that I'm not sure whether it's Cathy or Erin who will then be going on to live in Alaska! Very exciting trip!They were so great that they deserve a second picture. Here they are testing out the street rod.

The third visitor was a solo gentleman from Grove who was looking to sell at '53 Packard. And that ended the very short parade of visitors for the day.

However, Phil and Robin came to visit, and shortly thereafter Betty arrived with a big box. It was a birthday cake for me! What a surprise! Let the party begin! Ron M. brought poppers, those little bottles that explode when you pull the string, and there were even a couple of nice presents for me. Once again I was embarrassed. I always feel silly when people honor me in this way. Silly, but also kind of thrilled! Have a look at this nice cake. Betty knows I like white cake with tons of white icing, so this one was just perfect. Thank you, folks!

After the cake, Betty taught us how to flamenco dance. (Actually, I'm not sure what she's doing here, but she looks pretty while doing it!) See you tomorrow!

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