Saturday, April 18, 2015

Small Moments

If you've read this blog for a while, you might come away with the idea that I am ultimately turned on by days when Afton Station is filled to the ceiling with crowds of merry tourists.  Well yes, I do like that very much.  However, there are also days when little happenings make me just as happy.  Today was such a day.

Ron M. and Joe Meeks were with me today, a dark, rainy --let's face it-- ugly day on Route 66 in Afton.  We weren't expecting much in the way of visitors, so for most of the morning we sat around and hoped we wouldn't be entirely ignored all day.  A couple of cars slowed down out front, snapped  photos, and moved on.  This didn't help my disposition whatsoever.

But then, a breath of fresh air that served to brighten our whole day arrived with the unlikely name of Yemisi Onasanys.
This ray of sunshine is a young lady who is traveling  Route 66 all by herself, and today happened to be her birthday!   She is from Essex, England and her trip is fulfilling #2 on her bucket list. (#1 was completed last  year when she went on an African safari all by herself!)   Yemi was the happiest, most enthusiastic visitor we've met in a very long time and we enjoyed every minute of her Afton Station stay, just wishing she could have hung around a bit longer.  
The day did turn a little more energetic in the afternoon when we had a lovely visit from a couple from Sumter, S. Carolina.  Like Yemi, they are following Route 66 all the way to California.   Then, Betty arrived with another of her fabulous pies, this time lemon meringue.  Ah yes, the day kept getting better!   We inhaled the delicious dessert and spent the rest of the afternoon devoid of visitors.  But a day like this wasn't bad at all, and I'm ready for tomorrow to be wonderful in some other interesting way.  I know it will. 

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Trevor Hilton said...

Wonder why foreigners seem to appreciate Route 66 and other Americana more than Americans do?