Saturday, April 11, 2015


I'd describe today at Afton Station as lively.   No mob scene, but also very few moments of rest.  Lively people visited, some with interesting stories.
This good looking 1933 Dodge was procured in 1972 for $250 after it was found in an apple orchard by it's current owners, this couple from Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  He's done a beautiful restoration, and they told us that they drive it frequently.  On this trip, they'll be doing a good slice of Route 66.
This lady from Quebec City Canada, traveling solo in her VW bus, has no qualms about making her trip alone, sleeping and eating in the bus, and taking a nice vacation from her job working with kids and their parents in order to teach respect between the two groups.  An interesting woman.
This fellow, a retired school librarian, is also doing a solo Route 66 trip.  He liked our gas pumps, but I think he liked his new black cap even more.   We got a big load of assorted new caps yesterday and they're so nice that they're already flying out the door!

Other visitors today hailed from Sydney Australia (in the area on business for a few weeks and taking the opportunity to check out the Mother Road), St. Francis Minnesota (pulling a sparkly black boat with which they're sampling boating opportunities in various lakes in the area),  Tulsa OK (an interesting fellow on the board of the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame and very much in tune with what's happening in Tulsa in regard to the promotion of Route 66), and Dallas Texas (five guys hot on the trail of geocaches.  Coincidentally, Ron M. had just cleaned out our cache box before they arrived).

  To add to the liveliness of this day, our teen friends arrived near the end of the day and decided they'd try their hands at luring visitors to the Station with the signs I'd made recently.  They had a good time doing it, and the passing truckers certainly did a lot of honking, but I can't say for sure if their antics increased our traffic at all.  We'll keep trying.

I haven't had a lot of time for blogging for the past couple of weeks, but I'm finally getting back in the groove and hope that my posts will be a bit more creative in the near future.  If anyone has any ideas about things they'd like to hear from me, feel free to let me know.  I can always use inspiration.

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