Friday, April 3, 2015

Dodging a Bullet

There wasn't much sleeping to be done last night when the TV continuously told us how close the nearest tornados were to Afton.   I live in Tulsa, so although I was perfectly safe 80 miles away I did have to worry about Afton Station, as well as about Robin, Sue, Marly, Betty, and others who live up that way.  As it turns out, everyone and everything was just fine.   Robin, who lives in the country, reported some buildings down near her.  Marly drove to the Station at 11 p.m. to check on things after the first wave of storms and I thank him so much for doing that.  He reported "all clear".

Afton wasn't the only Route 66 town that was threatened last night.  Miami and Commerce, OK and Baxter Springs, KS were also mentioned, although they referred to Afton as "ground zero".

Living and working in Tornado Alley assures never a dull moment.  So far, I've been very lucky, as have my friends and loved ones.   But if you've never experienced it, try sitting up in bed at midnight listening to a meteorologist drone on and on in front of a colorful map, all the while hoping that that "danger" color (whatever it might be) doesn't creep any closer to your realm.  It's mesmerizing at the very least.

The good news is that today is lovely and the weekend is supposed to be nice, too.  So, if  you're planning a Route 66 road trip, carry on with  your plans, and maybe you could make Afton Station one of your stops.  We'll be there.  Happy Easter and Happy Passover!
   Robin took this snapshot of a building just down the road from her.  There were others in similar condition, but her mobile home was unscathed.

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