Thursday, April 30, 2015

Just More Happy Folks

It's been a good week at the Station, but since I haven't been there every day there haven't been a lot of photos to prove it.   Robin has been ill all week, so it's been up to Sue to take over, and she greeted visitors from Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and 9 different states.   Today, when Ron M. and I got back to work, the day was similarly busy and varied.  Our visitors came from Ringstea Denmark, Perth Australia, New Zealand, St. Louis MO, Bartlesville OK, and Lyle Washington.
 Bikers from Bartlesville having a close-up look at Bob Waldmire's mural on his UHaul.
 From Ringstea, Denmark.  Not their first Route 66 trip!  Their knowledge of the Mother Road is quite impressive.
 A Kiwi guy and an Aussie gal.  Nice combination!
It's a long way from Washington State to little old Afton, OK.  These folks made the trip and we're glad they did.

Tomorrow is the day that David throws a big annual lunch at the Station for members of the Vintage Car Rally Association which passes through on their cruise.  That means that Afton will be full of beautiful vintage vehicles and the almost 100 people who will bring them there.  If you're in the area, come by and take a look at the cars, which will be arriving around noon.  I won't be there this time, but I've instructed Robin and Sue, who will be working, to take lots of photos.  The rally is being held this year to raise funds for autism-related diseases, a very worthy cause indeed.

See you on Saturday!

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