Sunday, April 12, 2015

Life is Just a Giant Marshmallow

Betty came to Afton bearing gifts again, this time a package of the biggest marshmallows I've ever seen!  They're almost as big as apples!  Now, all I have to do is build a giant campfire and make gargantuan s'mores!  Thanks, Betty.  Ron M. and I got a good laugh about these mammoth sugar coma inducers.  
It was that kind of day today, full of sweet surprises.  There were 21 visitors who came from Jefferson City MO, Frankfurt GERMANY, Yankton SD, Oklahoma City OK, Langley OK, Hutchinson KS, Montreal CANADA, Joplin MO, and Vinita OK.

The gentleman from Jefferson City was eager to talk about the "old days", so we had a fun discussion of drive-in movies, diners, and car cruisin'.  The folks from Hutchinson, Kansas were making their second visit in two months.  In the meantime, they've told all their friends about Afton Station. I like that!  Several others were on long Route 66 trips.

This German couple, in fact, has 4 weeks to complete the Chicago-to-LA path.  They were SO excited about the trip.  We told them about the European Route 66 Festival to be held near Stuttgart, Germany in July of  2016.  They want to let all their friends know about it, too.
An entire family on Harleys roared in in the late afternoon.  They're from Joplin, MO and have a plan for touring the Black Hills and getting to Sturges in  time for Bike Week there this summer.  Clearly, they have many adventures ahead.

Did I ever tell you about the unlikely friendship that is developing in the pen holder on my desk?   It seems that Gandhi and Big Boy are discussing world peace based on Gandhi's philosophy and Big Boy's hamburgers.  (Ok, I'm going crazy.  I'll try to recover and be back tomorrow. . .)

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