Thursday, April 23, 2015

From the Land Down Under

One of our favorite happenings at Afton Station is the arrival of one of Dale Butel's tour groups from Australia.   I sometimes tease Dale about what substances he must be putting in his patron's food in order to end up with such a  happy, carefree group every single time. Today's Aussie visitors, although a smaller group than Dale usually conducts, was just as personable as those who have visited us in the past.  
 Dale taking a little rest, with Betty's sister Marleen in the background.

Unfortunately, poor Dale has to turn around and fly back to Australia tomorrow as his wife suffered a knee injury in a soccer game and requires surgery right away.  His group of 24 tourists will be well taken care of by Dale's associate.  Dale himself will return to the U.S. in July with another group.  Meanwhile, today's travelers were enjoying the museum and especially taking advantage of our nice selection of souvenirs, books, maps, t-shirts, etc.

Helping me with crowd control were Betty, Sue, and Betty's sister Marleen.  We did have a few other guests, too.   A couple from Toulouse, France, a lady from Grove, OK, and two women fromWales, United Kingdom rounded out the day.
Here, the woman from Grove exchanges pleasantries with our French visitor.

I'm home earlier than usual today, and well rested thanks to the help from Sue and Betty.  I'll be ready to greet you this weekend if you happen to be roaming the Mother Road in our little corner of Oklahoma.

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