Thursday, July 10, 2014

Water Logged!

Wow, that's a lot of rain!   I drove through it both coming and going to Afton Station today.  But curiously, it didn't actually rain in Afton  and barely rained  at all in Tulsa once I got home.  It's everything in between that's water logged.

But never mind that.  We still had some intrepid travelers stop in to the Station to look at the cars and hear about Route 66.  They came from Kansas City MO, E. Berlin PA, Buenos Aires Argentina,  Hull IA, and Adair and Bernice, OK.
Grandma and Grandpa from Bernice, OK are treating their grandson, who is from E. Berlin, PA to a Route 66  trip.  What could possibly be more fun?
 Toward the end of the day, a big group of 8 people, both kids and adults, arrived.  They're all from (or near) Hull, Iowa.   They're staying at Grand Lake and today was their day to explore Route 66.  After signing the wall, one of the men confessed that he had to stand on a chair to find a spot to sign.  It's true.  We're running out of space.... but what a glorious patchwork of memories the wall holds.
The kids in that group became enchanted by the pressed penny machine, and I think some of them may have blown their allowance on it.  Many pennies were squashed.

That's about all for today.    Ron was with me all day as usual, and Rann Lee dropped in for a bit.  But in all, it was a quiet, manageable day which I enjoyed very much.

I jotted down the places from which visitors came on the two days I wasn't at the Station.   Robin and Sue greeted folks from Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Wisconsin, New Jersey, California, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, Italy, and Denmark, among others.    Is there any question about this being a fun and interesting job?

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