Sunday, July 20, 2014

If You Build It They Will Come

Or in my case, if you restore it they will come.  This weekend, it seems like they ALL came.  Route 66 travelers, that is, from just about everywhere.  Ron M. and I (and Betty for a while) managed the crowds.  Briefly, here's the story. . .

Our 57+ visitors ( the "+" is because I'm pretty sure I missed a few) came from Hayward WI, Corona CA, Lexington NC, Battle Creek MI, Waco TX, Akron OH, Montgomery City MO,  Chicago IL, Aukland New Zealand, Marysville OH, Lexington KY, Hinton OK, Rolling Hills MI, Muldrow OK,  Cleveland OK, Egg Switzerland, Hollywood MD, Nashville TN, Zurich Switzerland, Little Rock AR, Eau Claire WI, Grove OK, Siloam Springs OK, and the south of England.    Whew.....that's A LOT of super nice people in one place on one day!

And now for some photos. . . .
The woman on the right, Maureen Dennis from Little Rock, Arkansas brought some friends from Nashville, Tennessee to check out the Station.   She is the wonderful person who wrote the extremely complimentary letter about Afton Station to Spirit, the onboard magazine of Southwest Airlines.  It was published and highlighted and we were thrilled to get such great publicity and such praise.  I'm forever grateful to this lovely lady. (see post of Feb. 23, 2014 to see letter).

There was an abundance of children who visited with their families today.  They all loved the squashed penny machine, of course.
This couple from Lexington, North Carolina has built a reproduction filling station which is chock full of petrolania memorabilia.  I was privileged to see photos of their place and frankly I'm a little bit jealous!

Also, some fun cars came to visit.

Check out this pretty blue '37 La Salle from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.   You don't see many of those around any more!

A father and son from Corona, California are traveling across Route 66 in this '63 Falcon, and they're proud of both their car and their adventure.

In other Afton news. . . a new church has been established in Afton, a "cowboy church".  I'd never heard this term until I moved to Oklahoma, but I'm told it's simply a church that would appeal to cowboys.  We passed the church on the way into Afton this morning and, sure enough, there was a handful of cowboys sitting on folding chairs outside.  We were early, so I feel sure that more cowboys joined them later.

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