Thursday, July 17, 2014

As The World Turns

Sometimes I just don't feel like writing about a wonderful day at Afton Station, and this is one of those days.  I just got home, and have only moments ago heard about the Malaysian Airline plane apparently shot down this afternoon.  This is such terrible news and  the ramifications of this act of war are even worse.  Why can't we all get along?

Nevertheless, life must go on, and on this rainy, gloomy day we had our share of happy Route 66 travelers.   For example, there were these two guys from Oahu, Hawaii (father and son).
They flew into NYC, then drove to Wisconsin to pick up a gorgeous '54 3/4 ton Ford truck, which they are now driving across Route 66.   We got the feeling that this was a remarkable bonding trip for these two fine guys.  Check out the truck.
Our only other guests from overseas were these four friends from Tasmania, Australia.  Typical of all Aussies who come to visit, they were having a great time and appreciating everything they've seen and experienced thus far.
Our other visitors came from Kansas City KS, Chicago IL, Bartlesville OK, Wichita KS, and Nebraska City, NE. The Nebraska City couple told  us that their town, although tiny, is the official home of Arbor Day, as the first American Arbor Day celebration was held there in 1872.   As I have said so many times before, you learn something new every day at Afton Station.

Betty spent a good part of the day with us, and Reuben Tipton stopped in with fresh-from-his-farm sweet corn for all of us.  He grows the best corn in the world, and he shares it liberally every year.  Thank you, Reuben.  

Sue did a fantastic job of keeping Afton Station going strong during Robin's and my absence.  Thank you, Sue.  She had some very busy days, too, including one day when she was taken by surprise by the arrival of 50 Norwegian visitors.  Everything was so clean and organized this morning when I arrived.

Also, our Afton Station friend artist/photographer Michael Scruggs is in an Oklahoma City hospital at this time where he is receiving treatment for a rare form of leukemia.    All of our thoughts are with him during this ordeal and our hope is that he will be back soon.

See y'all on Saturday!

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