Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Fourth Plus One

Since I didn't blog yesterday, allow me to take this opportunity to assume you all had a festive Fourth of July, filled with fireworks, picnics, families and friends, and beer.  This year the calendar afforded us a glorious three day weekend to celebrate and I hope you are all continuing to do so.   Quite a few people chose today to drop in to Afton Station, and we were there to greet them.   Ron M., Betty, Tattoo, Scott, and I were the official greeting committee.  Also, our friends from Tulsa, Joe and Jim, came to visit at noon and spent most of the afternoon with us.  

We had visits from some very cool cars as well.
This couple from Claremore, OK along with their cute doggie named Trudy, enjoyed chatting with Tattoo
Man about their mutual love of '56 Chevys.   This neat wagon belongs to the couple from Claremore.  Photos of Tat's red, white, and blue beauty can be found elsewhere on this blog.

Three gentlemen from Joansun, Finland arrived on motorcycles.   Nice guys.  People west of Afton should be on the lookout for them, as they plan to traverse all of Route 66.
This '65 Buick Riviera was being driven by Rob Norland from Winnetka, California and his young nephew from Kewaunee, Wisconsin.  They are seeking information about ghostly occurrences on Route 66.  I told Rob to be sure to check in with Jim Hinckley when they're in Kingman, Arizona because Jim  has similar interests.  Rob's blog is about the trip can be found at  There are some very fine Route 66 photos there.
Other visitors came from Omaha NE, Grove OK, Wisconsin Rapids WI, Bargersville IN, Van Buren AR, Dallas TX, Daytona Beach FL, and Tulsa OK.

Ron M. and I stopped at the tiny Chelsea Farmers' Market this morning and scored a quart of gorgeous blackberries and some mighty good looking tomatoes.  Yum!    See you tomorrow.  That picture makes me hungry!

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