Saturday, July 26, 2014

Big Ol' Birthday Bash

Well, Ron M. finally reached the same age as me, so it seemed only right to toss a little party for him today.  An Afton Station party is pretty low key, but is often pleasantly interrupted by travelers dropping in to see the museum.  Today was no exception.   Betty brought an incredibly delicious pineapple upside down cake and a gooseberry pie which was wonderful and unique.   Ron M., Tattoo Man, Joe Meeks, Jim Morton, Marly, Sue, Robin, Marlene and I enjoyed Betty's bounty.  Ron was presented with some funny cards and a bottle of Route 66 men's cologne.  I found it on Amazon where they indicated that it was the last one left.  Nobody had ever seen one before.  I figured it would smell like burning tires or exhaust, but it was actually quite pleasant and came in a very cool metal container with an embossed Route 66 shield.
Tattoo, Jim and Joe sitting around waiting for refreshments to be served.
Betty and Tattoo chatting with some visitors who are from the area and with whom Betty has mutual friends..

Our 41 traveler guests came from Birmingham England, Lakeland FL, Neelyville MO, Benton IL, Orange Park FL, southeastern OH, Gatlinburg TN, Corpus Christi TX, Republic MO, Fresno CA, London England, and Grove, Muskogee, Miami, and Tulsa, OK.
Examining the DeSoto. ( Look!   There's Birthday Boy in the background!)
Kids are always drawn to the squashed penny machine.  Here a young man is being assisted by his grandparents.
Tom and Rajina Gibson dropped in.  They're from Tulsa and we have mutual friends,  Pat and Jennifer Bremer.  Very  nice to see them.
This brave grandma and grandpa from Ohio are taking four of their seven grandchildren on a Route 66 excursion.  The little boys are all hooked... already sporting Route 66 hats and buying other souvenirs.   Grandma has been a fan for years, and she showed me photos of the Route 66 room in her home.  It is absolutely incredible.  I wish I could show you some photos of it here.  
 This young man from Gatlinburg, Tennessee arrived on his new motorcycle sporting his new leather vest. His smile and his enthusiasm bowled me over, I'll admit it.  Oh, to be young again!!!

Something I learned from visitors today:  Arkansas is the #1 rice growing state in the U.S.  I never even knew we grew any here, much less that close to home.   Some visitiors from Neelyville, MO educated us on this, as they are rice farmers themselves.   Missouri is the 4th largest rice growing state in the country.  

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Beth said...

Happy birthday to Ron! Looks like it was a fun one!